Breaking out of the 4 bar drum loop

Forcing myself to program some drum fills.

Matt Crump


December 29, 2023

A tape cassette robot playing a drum kit. Massive speakers in the background. Super funky beats - LCM_Dreamshaper_v7

I have a really lazy habit with drum beats that I need to fix. It goes something like this: make a 4 bar beat, loop it, jam endlessly inside a 4 bar beat that gets boring and has no fills.

Yesterday I had some fun recreating a 4 bar beat from Quantic’s “Life in the Rain”. Today, the plan is to make this into a 12-bar beat with a reasonable amount of variation and some simple fills.

…Does some things in Ableton that didn’t take that long…Should do this kind of thing more often. Now I have a 12-bar drum part with a decent amount of variation. But, it’s on my upstairs computer and I need to get this into a new project on my downstairs computer. I’ve been using Ableton since forever and I don’t think I’ve ever tried to copy or import a midi track from one project to another. It must be possible. Going to play some music over these drums.