D major practice

practice notes

Matt Crump


January 8, 2024

“D major scale. Piano. Circle of fifths. D major 7th chords played on an infinite universe piano. synthesizer keyboard universe.” - dreamshaper-xl-turbo

Continuing from yesterday’s G major practice I moved onto D major.

Played the D major scale up and down using 7th chords. Did this multiple times with each inversion.

Noted that I liked the sound of the 3rd inversion the best. Ran up and down enough times that I could play fairly fluently, almost into melody territory. Will likely continue this sort of practice across other keys.

Aside…I’ve been messing around with huggingface models as a possible way to generate visual stimuli for some experiments this semester. The class of latent consistency models can generate decent images fairly quickly. This morning I downloaded the “dreamshaper-xl-turbo” model to test it out. Today’s blog picture was generated from this model.