Back in the saddle

practice notes

Matt Crump


January 6, 2024

“a piano riding a horse. piano rides horse. piano riding a horse. piano keys. synthesizer keyboard.” - LCM_Dreamshaper_v7

Vacation was nice. Easing back into practice.

  1. Played through each scale using 7ths chords going anti-clockwise through the circle of fifths.

I’ve overplayed the C major scale for decades and should probably just stop practicing in C. At the same time, I can rip through the C major scale using 7th chords very quickly. In addition to practice, it seems easier to “see” the 7th chords in C major– they all have the same shape and use only white keys. It would be nice to have that immediacy for all of the other scales, and this is something I’m slowly working towards.

  1. Did a little bit of focused practice in G. Played through the G Major scale using 7th chords to build up speed. Played up and down using each inversion of each 7th chord.